The Gadget Inspector's Mission Statement

The Gadget Inspector's website specializes in reviews, news and information on a variety of Gadgets from a team of independent tech geeks.

We cover electronic gadgets, audio&video portable devices, desktop and laptop PCs, PDA s, computer accessories, digital cameras,videogames, toys, clean-energy devices or any kind of gizmo we may fancy.

We have split the website into several sections (no particular order, just areas that we like)

We are currently being born, so please be patient.
It will take us a while to get there and we know there is lots of fun and hard work ahead.

We are currently looking for new contributors to start-up new sections.
Only requirement needed is to have an insane fascination for gadgets and gizmos.
If you feel that this is your place, then send us an e-mail explaining why to:
thegadgetinspector -at- yahoo -dot- com

Although Gadget Inspector is a commercial venture, a percentage of the benefits generated in its Website go to the Children's Defense Fund, through Zoundry's Charity Program.

The Children's Defense Fund works toward reducing the numbers of neglected, sick, uneducated, and poor children in the United States of America.